Bonnie did such a great job taking photos of my home that I received 2 offers within 2 days of listing it!  When I viewed the pictures she emailed me, my first thought was, Oh I hope buyers won't be disappointed when they come to the home because the photos were that good.  Obviously with 2 offers out of 4 showings that was not the case!  If you want your home sold you really need to consider Bonnie as your photographer. In fact, I would highly recommend Bonnie Massa for all of your photographic needs. 

     ~Denise R., homeowner and Realtor  



Amazing photos by Bonnie Massa! I was looking for a professional to capture the charm and detail within this antique home I was listing. Bonnie exceeded well beyond my expectations with both the interior and exterior photos of the property. My client was extremely pleased! Thank you, Bonnie!

     ~Gina M., Realtor



I've used Bonnie several times in the past few months for my new listings. She makes every appointment a priority. She pays great attention to detail. She gets the photos in both Print and Web format back so quickly. Her pricing is very competitive. My homes SOLD quickly and I know her amazing photography brought the buyers in!  Thanks for being a great resource. 

     ~Red G., Realtor


I used the services of Bonnie on two occasions for photos and both times she made every effort to make sure the rooms were clear of all unnecessary items and on the outside made sure that the sun was just right for shooting, on one occasion she came back because the sun was not in the right position the first time. Bonnie knows what she is doing.  YOU CAN EXPECT THE BEST FROM BONNIE  !!   

     ~John F., Realtor


Bonnie, thank you for the wonderful pictures you took recently at 22 Aspinwall Avenue. You captured the true beauty of this spectacular waterfront property! The fact that you went back a 2nd time to make sure you had pictures of the house at Full Tide meant a lot to the Sellers and really showed well!

     ~Jeanne M., Realtor


Wanted to take a minute to thank you for taking pictures that truly capture the space and detail of the home I listed. The owners are very happy with how you worked within their space and making suggestions with light and furniture placement. Thank-you again!!

     ~Terri W., Realtor



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